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Don’t make students line up to welcome guests, VIPs – Govt issues directive to schools

Riyaz Bhat

Srinagar, Sep 15: School Education Department Friday issued a directive to government-run-schools that they should not disrupt academic hours and mental as well as emotional health of students on joining or visiting any official wherein students are made to stand for hours together in queues for their reception.

According to a circular, issued by Director of School Education Kashmir Tassaduq Hussain Mir, it has been observed that when any officer visits any school or education institution, students are made to stand for hours together in queues on both sides of the path for reception and made to wait outside the classes during any function.

The circular reads that the department has also observed that the visiting officer or guest is being offered artificial floral bouquet or garlands made of non-biodegradable material which overburdens the environment during its disposal.

“During the conduct of different functions in the school, a lot of expenses are incurred on the hospitality and catering arrangements for the guests or officers that doesn’t benefit the school ambience at all and it also tempts the students who are not offered such eatables during the event which is a clear-cut discrimination,” it reads.

It added that whenever a new officer joins any office or school, the artificial garlands are offered in bulk and a lot of time is consumed in the process of welcoming the incumbent. “Such practices can indeed be considered questionable for several reasons viz., its ill effects on the student’s opportunity time, learning disruption, productivity loss, negative impact on the self-esteem of students, mental and emotional health of students etc.”

It reads that, instead, institutions should strive to create an environment where both students and guests feel valued and respected. “Implementing efficient, respectful, and innovative guest reception methods can contribute to a better overall experience for everyone involved.”

It further reads that on the contrary, if at all there is a need of offering some welcome token to the guests or officers it can be done with a simple natural flower and so far as the catering is considered, it should be very simple and modest cup of tea and snacks.

“DSEK impresses upon all the functionaries of the department especially mid-level managers, school heads and teachers to refrain from such practices in future and be highly modest during such events,” it added.


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