Dear readers,

As you are aware, the circumstances after August 5, 2019 in J&K, and now the ongoing Covid19 crisis, have resulted in immense disruption to business and economy in this erstwhile state. Generally, this has been a very difficult period for print media in Jammu & Kashmir. A weak business climate in J&K resulted in big dip in private advertising and subscription revenue to Ziraat Times. As a start-up, we faced particular financial squeeze because Ziraat Times does not receive any government advertising/funding or any other public institutional support. This is a purely self-funded initiative, supported with 100 per cent private funding.

Consequently, it has not been possible for us to continue our normal operations post August 5, 2019. Post corona crisis, our print edition circulation has been curtailed. However, our online edition continues its operations and its 24*7 news coverage is growing in reach, engagement and impact. In this situation what makes us going is our readers’ valuable engagement, feedback and messages that this newspaper must continue its operations because it is needed to address key issues of our overall economy, particularly the agricultural economy. Therefore, we remain committed to continue Ziraat Times’ operations.

Once the economic situation improves in J&K, we have decided that Ziraat Times will open its funding portfolio to individual investors. There will be a new broad of directors that will be comprised of individuals who will hold significant business stake in this newspaper.

Once the situation improves, God willing, we will be back with the details. Meanwhile, we wish to thank all our readers for their constant patronage to this institution. 

Ziraat Times Management

9 April, 2020