Ziraat Times is Jammu & Kashmir’s first dedicated and leading newspaper covering its business and economy, with a particular focus on agriculture economy.

Inaugurated on Ist March, 2018, the newspaper has a 24*7 online bilingual edition (English and Urdu). Its print edition is published in both English and Urdu once a week.

This newspaper is an independent, privately-funded initiative and soon will be transformed into a shareholding-based company, with a wider ownership and capital base. It values its independence and commitment to impartial economic journalism, and its ability to report and critically analyze business and economic matters of Jammu & Kashmir. Ziraat Times is supported by an Advisory Committee, comprising of distinguished personalities of J&K. As a policy, the newspaper maintains complete transparency with regard to its finances with both its staff and the Advisory Committee.

The newspaper is registered with RNI vide registration no. JKBIL/2019/77754

Founding Editor: Arjimand Hussain *

Managing Editor: Imtiyaz Ahmed Shah

(*Arjimand Hussain is a writer, columnist and development economics practitioner. Having worked in 15 countries across the globe for about 10 years, with some leading international organizations like UNESCO, WHO, ProVention Consortium (a World Bank affiliate), among other agencies.