Chinar Quantum – This Kashmir-based AI startup aims big

By: Syed Anjum

Srinagar, June 17: An Artificial Intelligence startup in Kashmir is aiming big – to help prepare young people for an AI-driven future.

The company with the name Chinar Quantum AI (CQAI) was launched in 2022, which seeks to provide tailored, personalised and customised industry training and support programs to those interested in making bright careers in this age of AI revolution.

“We at CQAI are bridging the gap between academia and industry by making the process of securing jobs in the AI sector a smooth and hasslefree endeavour. CQAI has also active plans on anvil to offer AI-based solutions and applications to Kashmiri organisations and institutions in various vital sectors of society like education, medicine and agriculture to name a few”, says Dr. Rukhsan Ul Haq, who is also founder of of the initiative.

The team at CQAI comprises professionals from various fields such as management, quantum physics, AI, and machine learning.

“With this diverse and rich intellectual human resource CQAI has already begun to bring a level-playing field of ongoing AI revolution worldwide into Kashmir. It is providing training to students from diverse backgrounds through various courses and support programmes to make them industry-ready and ultimately their transition into the thriving AI job market”, observes the team.

The Chinar Quamtum team includes Junaid Akhter, who is its Chief Technical Officer (CTO) and a graduate student at the Department of Data Science for Engineering, University of Paderborn, Germany, Neelam Firdous Khan, Head Operations, who is a masters student at the Department of Geosciences at the University of Cologne, Germany and Nowshad Nisar Khan is its IT Operations Specialist, who is a software developer from the Pune University.

The start-up also emphasises on the importance of acquiring the necessary skills to adapt to the changing job market. The team plans to establish a strong presence in every district of Kashmir.

“We are soon going to set up AI-based labs to train individuals and provide services to various organisations and institutions in the valley. In this way we are bringing this AI revolution that is impacting our lives from classrooms to operation theatres to each and every corner of the Valley. CQAI’s ultimate goal is to contribute in a big way to the region’s economy and bring about positive transformations in all sectors and at all levels of the society”, says the startup on its website.

Chinar Quantum AI (CQAI) is part of  Kashmiri Institute of Mathematical Sciences (KIMS), a unique institution in the Kashmir Valley established on 7 Jan 2019. KIMS has come up with a mandate to support transformation in mathematical foundations at all educational levels within the Kashmir valley.

Building upon KIMS’ foundation, CQAI aims to contribute in creating a mathematical infrastructure in Kashmir while addressing the existing lack of quality education in mathematical sciences.

However, the vision of KIMS and its industry affiliate CQAI extends well beyond the Kashmir region, with a global perspective on making mathematics education accessible worldwide in preparation for the upcoming AI revolution.

“CQAI has thus emerged on the scene in the backdrop of the realisation of the potential of machines to perform precise operations in certain domains when programmed correctly. Needless to say, embracing technological advancements becomes crucial in the information age where speed and skill are essential”, observes Neelam Firdous Khan, Head Operations, who is a masters student at the Department of Geosciences at the University of Cologne, Germany.

Observers see the potential of this AI startup based in Kashmir as significant if nurtured carefully.

While the startup seems to be still at a nascent stage, it would be a good addition the efforts seeking to capitalize on the growing demand for AI skills in the region.  Importantly, the startup can help to bridge the gap between academia and industry in Kashmir, says Dr Faheem Malik, who works at a IT multi national company in Dubai, focused on AI-based business interventions in the Gulf region.

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