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India’s farmers marching towards Delhi to make new history

New Delhi, Jan 25: Thousands of vehicles from across Haryana, Punjab, the Terai region of Uttarkhand, western Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra, Rajasthan and other parts of the country are headed Delhi for the Republic Day tractor rally, creating a new history in independent India.

After getting the permission to organise a tractor rally in Delhi on Republic Day, the farmers’ union has issued guidelines so that the parade is carried out in a peaceful manner.

The Sanyukt Kisan Morcha (SKM) said: “We are going to create history. Till date, such a parade has never been carried in the country on Republic Day. We have to keep in mind that this historic parade doesn’t gets maligned. The peaceful parade will mark our victory. We have to remember that we are not going to conquer Delhi, rather we are going to win the hearts of the people of the country.”

As thousands of farmers have started marching towards Delhi borders to participate in the tractor rally on Republic Day, agriculture organisations have decided to hold similar parades at state and district headquarters across the country.

The SKM clarified that tractors and other vehicles will be included in the parade but all trolleys will not be part of the parade. Some trolleys with special tableaux will figure and safety arrangements will be made for them.
The farmers’ union also instructed the farmers to keep ration for at least 24 hours and items for cold in case tractors get stuck in traffic. It also appealed the farmers not to carry any political party’s flag, but the national flag along with the flag of the farmers’ unions.The farmers have been clearly told by the SKM not to carry any kind of weapon and not to use any provocative slogans.The SKM said that the parade will be led by the vehicles of the farmers’ leaders and everybody has to follow the instructions of the traffic volunteers, who will be deployed at every junction.”The route of the parade has been decided. Police and traffic volunteers will guide the farmers. Action will be taken against the vehicles which will try to violate the route,” the SKM said.
If any vehicle tries to block the road without any reason, the volunteers will remove the blockade, it said. All the vehicles will return after completing the parade.”Only five people including the driver will be allowed on a tractor. No one will be allowed to sit on the bonnet, bumper or roof of the tractor. All the tractors will be driving in a line. No one will race with each other and no one will be allowed to go ahead of the vehicles of the farmers’ leaders,” the SKM said in the guidelines.
Apart from this, the drivers won’t be allowed to play music in the tractors so that it will make easy for others to listen to the instructions during the parade. The SKM also said that no one will be allowed to consume any intoxicants and if someone is found doing so, the traffic volunteers should be informed immediately.The farmers’ leaders said: “We have to grace the Republic Day, win the hearts of the public. Everyone should take care that women are being treated respectfully. The police will be on its duty so no one should fight with them. Apart from this, there should be no misbehaviour with the media, irrespective of the channel and garbage should not be thrown on the roads and rather everyone should carry a separate bag for it.”The SKM also said that they have done all the preparations for any emergency so nobody should worry about anything.

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