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Kavach Safety System still inactive in J&K trains


Srinagar, Jun 22: Despite being heralded as a groundbreaking safety measure, the ‘Kavach’ security system remains unused in trains operating from Jammu, languishing in government files. The ambitious scheme, designed to prevent rail accidents, has yet to see implementation, raising concerns about passenger safety.

As per the news agency—Kashmir News Observer (KNO), following rail accidents, authorities often make lofty promises to enhance safety standards. However, these promises frequently fade over time. The ‘Kavach’ security system, which could significantly improve rail safety, is one such example. Despite its potential to prevent collisions by ensuring trains on the same track do not meet, it remains absent from Jammu’s rail network.

A senior railway officer confirmed the inaction, citing a lack of directives from the Railway Board. “We have not received any guidelines regarding the use of the ‘Kavach’ security system,” the officer stated. The system, which operates via GPS and is attached to the train’s engine, is designed to avert accidents, especially in scenarios where two trains are on a collision course.

With 25 to 30 trains arriving and departing from Jammu daily, the implementation of the ‘Kavach’ system could play a crucial role in ensuring passenger safety. Yet, despite its importance, the system remains unutilized, buried in bureaucratic red tape.

Railway passengers and safety advocates are urging the authorities to expedite the rollout of the ‘Kavach’ system. The inaction highlights a persistent gap between safety promises and their fulfillment, underscoring the need for immediate intervention to prioritize passenger safety.


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