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Kashmir fruit farmers write to Prime Minister Modi on the eve of his Srinagar visit

Ziraat Times News Network

New Delhi, March 6: The Kashmir Valley Fruit Growers cum Dealers Union, representing all Fruit Growers Associations in the Valley, has extended a warm welcome to the Prime Minister Narendra Modi on his scheduled visit to Srinagar on March 7, 2024.
In a letter addressed to the Prime Minister, Chairman Bashir Ahmad Basheer has  highlighted seven issues seeking his support and intervention:
1. Market Intervention Scheme (MIS) for “Grade C” Apple and Fallen/Ghiran: Urgent implementation needed to address the specific challenges faced by growers in this category.
2. Crop Insurance Scheme Implementation: A call for swift action on the introduction of a comprehensive Crop Insurance Scheme to safeguard the interests of fruit growers in the region.
3. GST Reduction on Essential Inputs: The plea to reduce the 18% GST on Insecticides, Pesticides, Fungicides, Fertilizers, Cardboards, and Waste Papers to alleviate the burden on fresh fruit production costs.
4. Recognition of Tree Spray Oil as Agriculture Product: A request to categorize Tree Spray Oil as an agricultural product, ensuring proper treatment and acknowledgment of its significance.
5. Establishment of a Separate Horticulture Estate: Proposing the creation of a dedicated Horticulture Estate similar to Industrial Estates in J&K (UT), with allocated funds in the Central/State Budget Estimates for essential facilities like CA/Cold Stores, Canning Factories, Juice plants, and other allied factories.
6. Subsidies on Essential Inputs: Advocating for subsidies on Insecticides, Pesticides, Fungicides, Fertilizers, Cardboard cartons, Plastic Trays, Baskets, and Waste Papers to support growers and dealers.
7. High-Density Plant Material Availability: Emphasizing the importance of having access to high-density plant material for the rejuvenation of fruit orchards in the region.

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