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Students of 60 private schools in Kashmir to be shifted to Govt schools

Ziraat Times News Network

Srinagar, Jan 1: The Jammu and Kashmir Board of School Education (JKBOSE) has ordered the “tagging” of high school level students of 60 private schools from across Kashmir with nearby government schools. The order, issued on December 27, 2023, affects hundreds of students in the Kashmir Division.

The order comes as a consequence of the expiration of affiliation for many private schools in the region, coupled with what BOSE puts as their failure to submit the necessary paperwork for renewal. With their official status uncertain, these schools were at risk of closure, leaving their students’ education in jeopardy, an official said. The government also says that some of these private schools have been illegally built on public lands.

To avert this crisis, the JKBOSE has directed that high school level students from these schools be merged with nearby government schools, ensuring they can continue their education without disruption. This “tagging” process will be implemented immediately, with a list of affected schools and their designated government counterparts attached to the order issued. The government order has also asked the affected schools not to admit any students for the next academic year for the affected classes.

J&K Private Schools Association (JKPSA) has raised  concerns about the long-term impact on both government and private education in Kashmir due to this step.

“The sudden influx of students into government schools could strain their already limited resources. Overcrowding, lack of teachers, and inadequate infrastructure are common challenges faced by government schools in the region. Integrating additional students without proper planning could exacerbate these issues, impacting the quality of education for all”, a private school principal told Ziraat Times.

JKPSA believes that the order fails to address the underlying reasons behind the affiliation crisis.

“Without addressing these issues, the problem is likely to recur, leaving future students in limbo. The order’s implications for the future of private education in Kashmir are unclear. The tagging process, while intended as a temporary measure, could discourage parents from enrolling their children in private schools due to fears of instability”, another member of JKPSA said.

Concerns have also been raised about the loss of jobs and financial challenges in the affected schools.

This could have a negative impact on the diversity and quality of educational options available in the region, he added.

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