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Meet Ambani heirs – Isha, Akash and Anant – who take leadership roles in Reliance empire

Ziraat Times Team Report

New Delhi, Aug 30: Mukesh Ambani’s family heirs – Isha, Akash and Anant – have taken up  leadership roles in Reliance empire as part of the family’s succession plans.

The three children of Mukesh Ambani, according to a Bloomberg report, are now heading Reliance’s energy, retail, telecom and digital services arms.

Who is Mukesh Ambani and how rich is he?

Mukesh Ambani is the chairman of Reliance Industries Limited (RIL). It is the largest private sector company in India by market capitalization and revenue. The company’s businesses include energy, petrochemicals, natural gas, retail, telecommunications, mass media, and textiles.

The wealth of the Mukesh Ambani family is estimated at Rs 6.8 lakh crores as of March 8, 2023. This is equivalent to $84.6 billion. This makes him the richest person in India.

The Ambani family’s wealth is derived from Reliance Industries, a multinational conglomerate founded by Mukesh Ambani’s father, Dhirubhai Ambani. Reliance Industries is involved in a variety of businesses, including oil and gas, petrochemicals, retail, telecommunications, and digital services.

Mukesh Ambani’s wife, Nita Ambani, is the chairperson of Reliance Foundation, a philanthropic organization.

The Ambani family is known for its lavish lifestyle. They live in a 27-story, 270-foot-tall (82 m) skyscraper called Antilia in Mumbai. The house has 600 rooms, a 9-hole golf course, and a spa.

How Ambani’s children, Isha, Akash and Anant Ambani are taking up leadership roles in the Reliance empire?

In recent days, Mukesh Ambani’s family has taken steps towards the takeover of their major business arms by their three children.

Isha Ambani will be the chairperson of Reliance Retail, India’s largest retail company. She has been with the company for over 10 years and has held various leadership positions, including chief strategy officer and director. She is a graduate of Yale University and Stanford University.

Isha Ambani will also be responsible for leading the expansion of Reliance Retail into new categories and geographies. She will also be responsible for developing new retail formats and technologies

Akash Ambani will be the chairman of Reliance Jio, India’s leading telecom company. He has been with the company since its inception and has played a key role in its growth. He is a graduate of Brown University and Stanford University.

Akash Ambani will be responsible for driving the growth of Reliance Jio. He will also be responsible for expanding the company’s reach into new markets and developing new products and services.

Anant Ambani will be the director of Reliance New Energy, the company’s new energy business. He is responsible for developing and executing the company’s strategy in the areas of solar, wind, and other renewable energy sources. He is a graduate of Brown University.

Anant Ambani will also be responsible for developing and executing the company’s strategy in the areas of solar, wind, and other renewable energy sources. He will also be responsible for building partnerships with other companies in the renewable energy sector.

In addition to these new roles, Isha, Akash, and Anant will all continue to serve on the board of directors of Reliance Industries.

Reliance company’s background

RIL was founded in 1966 by Dhirubhai Ambani. The company started out as a textile manufacturer, but it quickly expanded into other businesses. In the 1990s, RIL began to invest heavily in the energy sector. The company built a refinery in Jamnagar, Gujarat, which is one of the largest refineries in the world. RIL also began to explore for oil and gas in India and abroad.

In the 2000s, RIL entered the telecom sector. The company launched Reliance Jio, a 4G LTE network that has revolutionized the telecom industry in India. Reliance Jio is now the largest telecom company in India by subscribers.

RIL is also a major player in the retail sector. The company owns Reliance Retail, which is India’s largest retailer. Reliance Retail operates a chain of supermarkets, hypermarkets, specialty stores, and convenience stores.

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