Andleeba Mushtaq: ‘The Emily Dickinson of Kashmir’

By: Sahil Sharifdin Bhat

In the picturesque land of Kashmir, where the beauty of nature blends with the turmoil of daily life, a young girl has emerged as a shining star on the horizon of Kashmiri writers. Andleeba Mushtaq, a talented 12th-grade student from Khrew Pampore, has captured the hearts of readers with her remarkable debut book of poetry, “Solitude And Solace.” Like Emily Dickinson, Andleeba is a keen observer who uses images from nature, religion, law, music, and domestic activities to probe universal themes: the wonders of nature, the identity of the self, worldly prosperity and adversity, death and immortality, and love. Her words resonate with courage, girl power, the pain endured by individuals, the dreams of Kashmiri girls, love, peace, and pleasure.

At such a tender age, Andleeba has already made a significant impact on the literary scene in Kashmir. Her book is a collection of poems that delve into the depths of human emotions, shedding light on the trials and tribulations faced by both girls and boys across the globe. Her verses exude a sense of resilience and hope, inspiring her readers to overcome their challenges and pursue their dreams.

When Andleeba was asked to provide her introduction, she proceeded to speak the following words: “I wrote my first poem when I was in the third grade. I don’t read books much. I can confidently say that I did not learn formally how to write poetry; it is a natural talent that I have been blessed with. I have a passion for inspiring and motivating people. I firmly believe that being a good human being is a greater accomplishment than having a prestigious profession. I have faced challenging experiences in life, which have driven me to publish this book. I hope that my struggles can serve as valuable lessons for others. As a Muslim, I believe that in order to connect with God, I must show humility towards His creation. I consider myself a good listener. I have a deep love for exploring nature, and I find joy in helping individuals, especially those who are feeling down or depressed.”

Andleeba’s poetry is a reflection of her own experiences and observations of the world around her. Growing up in Kashmir, a region scarred by various factors, she has witnessed the struggles faced by her fellow Kashmiris, especially the girls. She aims to be their voice, shedding light on their dreams, aspirations, and the unique strength they possess.

With her heartfelt verses, Andleeba has become a role model for young girls in Kashmir. Her courage to express her thoughts and feelings through her poetry has inspired many to pursue their passions fearlessly. She has shown them that their words have the power to heal, unite, and bring about positive change in society.

But Andleeba’s journey as a poetess doesn’t stop with her first book. She dreams of becoming a renowned poetess, utilizing her talent to amplify the voices of the girls of Kashmir. Through her evocative poetry, she aims to address the issues they face, breaking the barriers that hold them back and encouraging them to embrace their individuality.

Her book is just the beginning of what promises to be an extraordinary literary career. Andleeba’s raw talent and passion for writing have already captivated the hearts of readers in Kashmir, and it won’t be long before her words reach a broader audience. Her potential as a writer is limitless, and her dedication to her craft is an inspiration to aspiring writers across the world.

Andleeba Mushtaq’s rise as a young and promising poetess is a testament to the power of literature in transforming lives. Through her heartfelt poetry, she has not only touched the hearts of her readers but also become a beacon of hope for

the girls of Kashmir. Her ability to navigate through the complexities of life and find solace in words is truly commendable.

As we celebrate the emergence of this young literary prodigy, let us keep an eye on Andleeba Mushtaq’s future endeavors. Her journey has just begun, and her voice is destined to resonate far and wide. In a world that often overlooks the voices of the youth, Andleeba’s passion and determination serve as a reminder that age is no barrier to making a difference. We eagerly await the next chapters of her poetic odyssey, and we are certain that she will continue to inspire generations to come.

The author hails Lethapora Pulwama in Kashmir. His books are available on Amazon, Flipkart etc . He can be reached at [email protected]

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