Hyderpora Crossing turns into a death trap; R&B Dept looks the other way

By: Farhan Ahmed Jan and Aneesa Sheikh

Srinagar: The vital Hyderpora Crossing, linking the Srinagar Bypass and the Airport Road in Srinagar city, and used by lakhs of people on daily basis, has turned into a virtual death trap with the key service roads either lying defunct due to lack of maintenance or plain encroachment.

People living in and around Hyderpora Bypass, mainly in Shah Anwar Colony, Gulberg Colony, Post Office Lane, Gul Bahar Colony, say that while the crossing is a vital link for lakhs of people from North and South Kashmir, including Airport traffic and the Budgam district, the place often witnesses serious accidents because there is complete confusion about the use of crossing roads and service lanes.

Trucks often block the service road. With deep potholes in the rest of the service road, traffic plies in opposite directions on main road, causing accidents almost on daily basis (ZT photo)

“At the junction, the traffic coming from north service lane who wish to take Baghat-Barzulla Road have no service lane, as it is encroached upon at the Petrol Station. Moreover deep potholes in the service road prompt the users to take the road with traffic coming from opposite side, creating big risks”, said Abdul Hameed, a resident of the area told Ziraat Times.

The key service lane which has been encroached upon at Hyderpora Crossing after R&B Dept failed to maintain it. Dangerous concrete blocks lying on the road pose risks too (ZT PHOTO)

Moreover, the bigger challenge is the encroachment of the service roads right from Gul Bahar Colony upto Hyderpora Crossing, says Farhan Akhter, a local journalist.

Residents have now decided to launch a campaign to ensure encroachments are removed, traffic flow is made smooth and more greenery in created.

“There is a soil patch between the main Bypass and the service roads. This patch is either completely encroached upon or garbage and other industrial waste in dumped on it. We are soon going to launch a campaign for removing encroachments and making this patch a Green patch, with Chinars and Deodars”, said a colony President of the area.

The soily patch between Bypass Road and Service Lane that is being encroached upon while industrial waste is dumped on it. Local residents plan to launch a campaign to make it a Green Patch of Deodars and Chinars. They are teaming up with Social Forestry, SMC and R&B Dept on this (ZT photo)

The residents also express their frustration at the traffic restrictions imposed by the Traffic Department that have caused road blocks and chock the traffic. They also express frustration that when big trucks park on service roads the Traffic Department looks the other way without taking action against those and their users agencies.

The concertina wire coils laid on the main Bypass is a big safety hazard. Several accidents have happened on this spot.

“Traffic accidents are so common due to these problems that the crossing has become a death trap for pedestrians, mainky for women and children, and car users”, Masrat Jabeen, a resident of the area told Ziraat Times.

4 Comments on "Hyderpora Crossing turns into a death trap; R&B Dept looks the other way"

  1. Sorry…You have left pedestrian lane encroached by JAM KASH motors. The road has become no less than Zainakadal “Gada Koucha”. This has become more prone to regular accedents. The petrol pump at the crossing shud be relocated.

  2. For all encrouchments
    develop civic sense so that ourinner soul gets awake & stop this nuisense for ever

  3. This is judicious and in a public interest. But you have nade no mention about pedestrian way currenly ocvipied by JAM KASH. This place has become more accident prone. Last year I met SSP traffic in his office and apprised him about the problem created by JAM KASH VEHIVLEAID. But no action for obvious reasons despite the fact that JAM KASH has completely encroached the pedestrian way.

  4. Workers at jamkash think the road is their personal property and most often misbehave with locals. In addition a dangerous bottleneck is parking near hotel golden tulip.

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