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Kashmir Fruit Growers’ Union resents CA Stores’ business model, appeals LG Administration for intervention

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Srinagar: Kashmir Valley Fruit Growers Cum Dealers Union has appealed the LG Administration for immediate intervention to safeguard the interest of fruit farmers.

According to a media statement issued to Ziraat Times, an important meeting of Kashmir Valley Fruit Growers Cum Dealers Union was held on 25-04-2024 under the Chairmanship of Bashir Ahmad Basheer where  Presidents/General Secretaries of all Fruit Growers Associations of the Valley were also present. Following is the unedited summary of the issues that were discussed in the meeting:

  1. CA/Cold Stores’ business practices with Fruit Growers/Dealers of the Valley: 

The Fruit Growers/Dealers of the Valley are extremely worried and anxious with behavior and high handedness by the Valley Based CA/Cold Store owners. The Fruit Growers /Dealers of the Valley store their Apple Crop in CA/Cold Stores with expectations that they will earn from their  consignments minimum their actuals. But on the other hand the CA/Cold Store owners are charging extra expenses as shown as under:

  1. Exorbitant rates are charges by CA/Cold Stores for cardboard boxes which are always found quite inferior quality and are not, therefore, chances of safe arrival of Apple Crop packed in their cardboard boxes. In fact the quality type of cardboard material is available in the open market against 30% cheaper even on credit facility than that the charged by the CA/Cold Store Owners. Height of things that the CA/Cold store owners does not allow the Fruit Growers to procure cardboard boxes and other packing material from open market instead compelling for packing material from CA/Cold stores only against exorbitant rates
  2. Tape Charges
  • Bin/Crate Charges
  1. Apple Produce of a single party is being kept in different Chambers of the CA/Cold Store.
  2. The CA/Cold Stores compel the Fruit Growers to store their consignments for period of 5 months at a time.
  3. The CA/Cold Stores do not allow fruit growers to takeout their Apple Crop from store in advance of 4-5 months.

In fact the CA/Cold Store Owners compel the Fruit Growers to sale out their Apple Crop stored in various Cold stores to Cold store owners against lowest possible rates. In this connection the Lt. Governor Administration is requested kindly intervene in the matter immediately failing which there is no option for Valley Based Fruit Growers/Dealers but to go on protest.

  1. Hailstorm, Gusty Winds and Storm raining in various parts of South Kashmir badly hit Fruit Orchards

In the month of April 2024 it had been witnessed about every day in late hours the heavy hailstorm, gusty winds and Storm raining took place damaging Fruit orchards with apprehension of heavy losses to Kashmir Valley Fruit Growers Cum Dealers Union. The Management of Kashmir Valley Fruit Growers Cum Dealers Union are repeatedly requesting the  LT. Governors Administration of introduction of Crop Insurance Scheme so that the Fruit Growers/Dealers can avail advantages of the Scheme to some extent at the time of Natural Disaster. Despite of vigorous follow-up the Crop Insurance Scheme had not been implemented so far. Since the Valley Based Fruit  Growers Cum Dealers Union are constantly suffering heavy losses due to Natural Disaster, the Honb’le Lt. Governor is, therefore, requested kindly consider introduction of Crop Insurance Scheme in the interest of Horticulture Industry in particular and Fruit  Growers of the Valley in general.

  1. Arrival of Spurious Pesticides, by Mafia Dealers

In the month of January 2024 about 04 trucks of spurious Pesticides had been seized by the Enforcement Wing of Directorate of Agriculture/Horticulture Department in Sopore and Kulgam respectively. It is, therefore, expecting that Spurious Pesticides Insecticides and Fungicides is on sale by Mafia Dealers against exorbitant rates in every district of the Valley. Height of things is that MRP Stickers is pasted on the packages of Pesticides, however, it is not understood on what basis these MRP Stickers are pasted with exorbitant rates. The Kashmir Valley Fruit Growers Cum Dealers Union is of the opinion that there is need to strengthen the Enforcement Wing of Agriculture/Horticulture Departments and surprise inspection in this regard are to be conducted round the clock and severe action initiated against the culprits found in sale of Spurious Pesticides against exorbitant rates. The Kashmir Valley Fruit Growers Cum Dealers Union appeals Lt. Governor’s Administration whosoever is found in sale of Spurious Pesticides against exorbitant rates shall be booked under PSA for punishment as warranted under law.

  1. Heavy flow of Imported Apple in Indian Markets cast “Shadow on Kashmir Apple Industry”

Arrival of Imported Apple from various Countries in India is a great threat to Horticulture Industry of J&K (UT). On arrival of Imported Apple the Kashmir Apple does not fetch even its actuals. The Lt. Governor’s Administration  is requested kindly take up the matter with concerned quarters of Government Of India for imposition of 100% imported duty on arrival of imported apple in India or restricted arrival of minimum possible quantity only of imported apple in Indian Markets.

Under the circumstances explained above the Lt. Governors Administration kindly took:

  1. Intervene in the Highhandedness of CA/Cold Stores so that Valley Based Fruit Growers/Dealers are saved from extra expenses charged by CA/Cold Stores
  2. Introduction of Crop Insurance Scheme in the interest of Horticulture Industry in particular and Fruit Growers of the valley in general.
  3. Strengthen the Enforcement Wing of Horticulture/Agriculture and conducting of surprise inspections and whosoever found guilty on sale of spurious pesticides and charging of exorbitant rates be punished and booked under PSA.
  4. Charging of 100% import duty on arrival of imported Fruits in Indian markets or limited the arrival of same to the minimum possible limit.

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