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JKPICCA delegation urges Director Horticulture, Kashmir to address apple price decline

Ziraat Times News Network

Srinagar: A delegation from the Jammu and Kashmir Fruit and Vegetable Processing and Integrated Cold Chain Association (JKPICCA) met Director Horticulture, Kashmir today to address the critical issue of declining apple prices due to oversupply in the market and the influx of imported apples in the country’s various markets.

According to a press statement issued to Ziraat Times, the delegation briefed the Director on the alarming market conditions, highlighting the significant drop in prices observed due to excessive and constant emergence of apples from Controlled Atmosphere (CA) stores and influx of imported apples in the different markets across the country. It was also highlighted how mandis were overwhelmed with excessive fruit, leading to reduced prices for farmers.

In light of these challenges, JKPICCA members have urged the government to implement subsidies on storage and packing materials to support apple farmers in mitigating market fluctuations. These subsidies are crucial for providing relief to farmers facing distress due to prevailing market conditions.

Director Horticulture  Zahoor Ahmad Bhat, proposed implementing corrective actions for the industry’s greater benefit. One significant suggestion was to store only A Grade apples in Controlled Atmosphere Cold Storages. This proposal received unanimous support from JKPICCA members, aiming to secure better returns for farmers when their fruit is sold from CA Stores.

Furthermore, JKPICCA advocated for the implementation of crop insurance to cover the apple crop, providing farmers with a safety net against adverse weather conditions or other unforeseen events that may impact their yield and income. Additionally, the delegation emphasized the importance of market intervention schemes to stabilize prices and ensure fair returns for apple farmers.

In the light of recent concerns raised by other stakeholders, a threadbare discussion was held to resolve those concerns. It was concluded that a meeting will be called by Director Horticulture to discuss and resolve their genuine concerns.

JKPICCA remains committed to advocating for the welfare of apple farmers and will continue to work closely with the government to find sustainable solutions to these pressing issues, a spokesperson of the association said.

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