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Garlic to Rajmah, Kashmir’s agri products sell big on e-commerce sites

Mubashir Aalam Wani

Srinagar, Apr 20: From garlic to Rajmah, Kashmiri agriproducts are fast transcending geographical boundaries by making their way on to various ecommerce platforms.

Kashmir, famous for its breathtaking landscapes, also boasts a rich agricultural heritage. However, due to geographical constraints and limited market access, Kashmiri farmers often faced challenges in reaching a broader consumer base.

The emergence of e-commerce platforms has provided a solution to this long standing issue, enabling direct connections between farmers and consumers across the country.

Now various agriproducts which are grown in Kashmir are available on various ecommerce platforms.

Taking an instance of Kashmir garlic and rajmah (kidney beans), which are known for their quality worldwide are available on various ecommerce platforms like Amazon,Flipkart and others.

Similarly, Kashmiri chilli powder, Kashmir’s aromatic rice Mushk Budji, saffron, walnut, almonds and lavender oil too are available on ecommerce platforms.

All these agriproducts have got positive reviews on the ecommerce platforms for their quality and purity from the buyers.

Taking the case of Rajmah, the buyers have given five star ratings for the quality and purity of the product.

“I have tasted Kashmiri Rajmah while on my trip back in 2019. I loved it and got access to it via amazon. Thank you,” posted Sunil Kumar a review on a local Rajmah brand.

Mohammad Yusuf Bhat, a dry fruit dealer has been one of the suppliers for Rajmah, saffron and other products to various online stores. “Previously, we were limited to selling our garlic in local markets. Now, through online platforms, we are reaching customers across India. This has significantly increased our income and has motivated us to expand our cultivation,” he said.

This shift towards e-commerce has not only benefited farmers but has also delighted consumers who now have access to high-quality Kashmiri agriproducts with just a few clicks. Customers appreciate the authenticity and freshness of the products, reinforcing the value of traditional farming methods and local produce. (KNO)

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