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PackTech Asia kicks off in Jammu, showcases thriving packaging industry

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Jammu – PackTech Asia 2024, a major trade show for the packaging industry, opened its doors today at Regale Park in Jammu. The three-day event (March 21-23) highlights the robust growth of the Indian packaging sector, projected to reach $32 billion by 2025.

Over 100 Exhibitors, 60 Foreign Buyers Participate

The opening day witnessed strong participation with over 100 exhibitors, including international companies, and around 1000 business visitors. Notably, foreign buyers from Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal, and several African nations joined the event for B2B meetings.

Jammu & Kashmir Poised for Growth in Packaging

Rahul Sahai, representing the PHD Chamber of Commerce and Industry (PHDCCI), emphasized Jammu and Kashmir’s potential in the packaging sector due to its position as a leading fruit producer. He urged the government to support this growth by establishing key facilities like a dedicated Food and Packaging Park, cold storage, and a modern exhibition venue.

Government Committed to Supporting Packaging, Food Processing, Plastics Sectors

Vikramjit Singh, Secretary, Industries and Commerce, Government of Jammu & Kashmir, addressed the gathering. He highlighted the government’s industrial policy initiatives focused on investment promotion, skill development, technology adoption, and sustainable practices in these sectors. Incentives like land allocation, subsidies, and infrastructure support are offered to attract investors.

Focus on Skill Development, Technology, Sustainability

The government is investing in skill development programs and industry-academia partnerships to equip the workforce for these sectors. Additionally, technology adoption and environmentally friendly practices are prioritized to enhance productivity and minimize the environmental footprint.

Collaboration Key to Building a Prosperous Future

Singh invited global partnerships to establish Jammu & Kashmir as a hub for packaging, food processing, and plastics. He emphasized collaboration and knowledge sharing as key drivers for a sustainable future in these industries.

Government Officials Underscore Importance of PackTech Asia

Ramesh Kumar, Divisional Commissioner Jammu, also addressed the event, highlighting the significance of PackTech Asia in bringing stakeholders together. He called for collaboration between government, industry, academia, and civil society to unlock the full potential of the region’s manufacturing sector.

Strong Attendance and Appreciation for Government Initiatives

The inaugural session saw participation from dignitaries and industry leaders who appreciated the government’s commitment to fostering economic growth and development through initiatives like PackTech Asia.

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