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A broken exam system demands accountability

Ziraat Times Editorial

The Jammu and Kashmir State Council of Educational Research and Training (JKSCERT)’s recent fiasco with the 8th standard exams in Kashmir is a glaring symptom of a much deeper malaise within the education system. The postponement of exams, except English, due to a lack of preparedness and communication exposes a callous disregard for the future of our students. This is not just an administrative hiccup; it’s a systematic failure that demands immediate rectification and clear accountability.

The outrage from parents and students is justified. The last-minute postponement throws a wrench into meticulous study plans, creating confusion and frustration. This disruption isn’t merely academic; it chips away at the focus and confidence students need to succeed. The excuse of not receiving question papers on time is simply unacceptable. JKSCERT is entrusted with the crucial responsibility of conducting these exams, and such lapses demonstrate a complete lack of planning and foresight.

This isn’t an isolated incident. JKSCERT’s earlier proposal to conduct regional language exams simultaneously across zones, despite a lack of Kashmiri subject question papers, is another example of ad-hoc decision making. The excuse of “paucity of time” is a hollow justification for neglecting a core subject for a significant student population. These decisions reflect a systemic issue within JKSCERT – a culture of disorganization and a complete disconnect from the realities faced by students and educators in Kashmir.

The consequences of this broken system are far-reaching. Students lose precious study time, their focus wavers, and uncertainty creeps in. Parents are left bewildered and frustrated, questioning the very foundation of the education system they entrust their children to. This lack of trust breeds apathy and disengagement, hindering the overall learning environment.

JKSCERT needs to act swiftly and decisively to restore faith in the examination system.

Firstly, a thorough investigation into the lapses that led to the exam postponement is essential. Those found responsible for the mismanagement must be held accountable. This will send a strong message that such failures will not be tolerated.

Moving forward, a robust and well-defined roadmap for conducting exams is needed. This plan should factor in adequate time for question paper preparation, distribution, and contingency measures to address unforeseen situations.

JKSCERT’s responsibility goes beyond conducting exams; it’s about nurturing young minds and shaping their futures. By fixing the examination system, establishing clear accountability, and fostering open communication, JKSCERT can begin to rebuild trust and ensure a brighter future for Kashmir’s students. The time for action is now. We cannot afford to let our students down any further.

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