Tosamaidan Development Forum takes oath ‘to respect forum constitution’

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Srinagar: The core members of Tosamaidan Development Fourm have sworn a solemn declaration, pledging to respect the constitution of the forum and to be completely independent in carrying out their duties during their mandate .

The members also explicitly pledged to respect the new charter of Fundamental Rights, human rights and demands of the area. Chief patron Ghulam Mohiuddin said “the oath of independence and respect for the Fourm is more than a symbolic act.”

“The Tosamaidan Development Forum is a unique movement and the members have today made clear that they will uphold all the principles and values enshrined in the area and the charter of Fundamental rights and demands. For last half a century there have been scores of sad stories in the mesmerising meadow, many have lost their beloved sons, husbands, fathers. There are dozens of orphans whose mothers are struggling hard to sustain not only economically but socially”, chief spokesperson Sheikh
Maqbool said on the occasion.

“Students’ education has got disturbed to a large extent. The entire ecological cycle gets disturbed. Due to continuous bombarding till 2014 vast forest areas got destructed. There are number of deaths due to man-animal conflict”, secretary Sheikh Majeed said.

“The time has come when the government should rectify all these things and must compensate the victims so that they can live a dignified life”, he added.

Others who took part in the swearing-in Abdul Hameed Khan (vice chairman), Arif Ismail (organizer), Abdul Hameed (media coordinator), Abdul Gani sheikh (Treasurer), Gulzar Ahmad Dar ( Advisor to Chief Patron), Ghulam Mohmad (Advisor to chairman), Mohmad Maqbool Tantary (Joint Secretary), Ghulam Mohmmad Mail (Coordinator), Javeed Ahmad Sheikh (Program Coordinator), Mohmmad Yousuf Mir (Deputy Coordinator), Fayaz Ahmad (Deputy Organiser)

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